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About LandaMed?

LandaMed is the perfect app, to get administrative support and it's a great software to manage Medical Centers and hospitals. All you need in one place.

It is also made up of a set of applications for doctors and health professionals. The patients and flow can be monitored in real time.

Compatible with all versions of Windows and integrated with Microsoft Office. Online Appointments for versions of Android, iPhone and PC desktop browsers.

The Managing Director may be dedicated to make the better decision, thanks to the business intelligence module that provides tools to reach business success.

Data protection through the highest standards of computer security, roles and permissions per user (permission matrix).

Method of early detection of administrative fraud, by activating and making use of strict controls

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Manage your medical center using just one software! Integrates all operational and administrative task in a single work environment!

Automation of the administrative and bureaucratic process. Improvement ​​in the execution of daily and routine processes.

Consigue inmediatamente ahorro, reducción de costos superfluos y operativos. Incremento de ingresos genuinos y utilidades. Optimiza los rrhh y redistribuye eficazmente el tiempo laboral. Obtén sinergia entre dptos.

Decrease cost immediately, reduce superfluous and operational costs. Increase in genuine income and profits. Optimize HR and effectively redistribute working time. Get synergy between departments.

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Scalable, versatile, configurable, customizable and adaptable to 100% customer specifications!

Stay informed of the overall operation of the institution, through the cloud 24 hours per day. Knowledge transfer provided by permanent technical support

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Data porting

Data porting, consistency validation and redundancy elimination. Without loss of information or delays!


We provide comprehensive management assistance services to health entities, in daily tasks, through the implementation of business solutions.

Having the ISO standards included in all procedures as a management standard, we guarantee full control in each critical area with the use of LandaMed.

Our commitment to the administrative management of health centers, start with the implementation of business solutions and continues with the monitoring, strengthening and permanent monitoring of the life cycle of our products and services, for the benefit of our customers.

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Technical support 24/7.

Technical or functional support remote or at the workplace. Support Web ticket system to tracking customer incident.


Knowledge Transfer of technical and administrative task. User manuals, procedures, tutorials and access to wikipedia.


Integration with third party software. You can purchase new modules (web/desktop) and integrate them through mediators or Web Service to your current platform.

Software development

Development of modules according to customer needed. Client / server architecture, WEB, APP, PWA. For Windows, Linux, Android.


Global / regional positioning of your website and brand on the main search engines. Continuous monitoring, anticipation of competition. Improved search engine results.

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Download PDF manual and LandaMed tutorial

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Download LandaMed

Download LandaMed Lite version, self-installable.

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 32/64 bits.

User: admin

Password: 1



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Module Features

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Technical support

Customer Suppor

Access to Support Web ticket system to tracking customer incident. Monitoring of required developments and claims made (tracking).



Strategic alliances based on mutual cooperation, for the commercialization of our products and services. Resellers will receive the official support of the commercial and technical department, to strengthen excellent relationships with its customers.

The commissioning is carried out jointly, in a tripartite manner (Landaware, Distributor, Client).

We provide a solid work structure, based on ISO standards that offers continuous improvement in daily tasks.

To receive detailed information, technical and commercial documentation, procedure manuals, contracts and brochures, please send us an e-mail to be contacted through the contact form



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Internships for students of related and / or related careers.

Let us emphasize versatility and stand out above all ethics and desire for personal and professional growth.

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