LandaMed software to manage health centers - CRM+ERP



Integrity: Integration of all modules involved in daily tasks in one place.

Export: Export Files

Platform: Multiple platform, multi-user, shared and consistent information accessible to all users.

Solid: Always up and running, stable, never falls

Accessibility: Intranet/Internet. Access customized by the customer.

Costs: Verifiable reduction of variable and fixed costs.

Saving: Time savings on unnecessary tasks. Saving commissions to managers and third parties that manage billing.

Employees: Virtual employees, available through online software 24 hours per day, 7 days at week, at no additional cost, no bonus, no vacation..

Prosecutors/Taxes: Electronic invoice, Electronic billing.

Earnings: Increase in daily appointment (thru online appointment), up to 60% during hours where the medical center is closed.

Medical records: Unique medical history, available to all professionals.

Appointment Center: Release of telephone, decentralization of appointment through online appointment.

Environment: Reduction of supplies, reduction of paper use, printer toner / cartridges, ticket, CPU power consumption and graphics. Committed to the environment.