LandaMed software to manage health centers - CRM+ERP



Patient Registration

Coverage Plan - Medical Insurance - Social Work

Patient file (appointment, medical history, presurgical, hospitalization, laboratory analysis, benefits, images, diagnoses, studies, prescriptions, sepsis, nutritional screening, surgical sheet)

Medical record

Biochemical Analysis Registration

Configurable biochemical analysis templates

Dental cadastral record

Medical history, allergies, diagnosis, evolution, consultation, body mass index, nutritional screening, physiatry, etc.


Hospitalization Card, hospitalization records and events

Pre-surgical evaluation sheet

Includes scoring calculation from Glasgow, Goldman, Detsky, Lee

Data consistency validation, missing information

Birthday greetings and reminders

Visits made, assistance

Errors control

Home Assistance Management

Consultation of appointment and medical attention



Registration of medical professionals

Frequent Schedules defined per week, attention interval

Eventual schedules of eventual 1 or n times in a period

Appointment per day in real time, send a event (message, email, etc) when the patient arrives

Select care office

Call the patient to the care office through monitors

Enable/Disable the physician to allow to be able to Web Appointment Online

Unified clinical history, pre-surgical, follow-up, operative risk scoring, etc.

Registration specialties

Coverage agreements with social security

Payment orders

Payment allocation

Authorization Matrix

Summary account status/p>

Debit for concepts, office rental, etc.

Special prices per doctor, coverage plan and practices

Automatic Payment Order Generation.

Expenses for use of offices. Coefficients according to specialty

Report of inquiries made by periods.

Activation of attention by physician in web appointment

Invoices paid / not paid.

Digitization of physician signatures and seals



Automatic Agenda Generation by professional

Registration and reservation of appointment, busy, free, canceled

Appointment off schedule

Appointment Assistance Confirmation

Appointment Audit

Audit and monitoring of deleted and canceled appointment

Appointment Report

Summary of appointment grouped by professional and coverage

Appointment frequency

Weekly, Daily, Montly concurrency statistics

Dynamic Appointment charts

Decision making settings

Definition of maximum appointment per day per physician

Parameterization of collection logic

Notify to the physician when the patient arrives to the office

Call by central monitors

Validation of medical acts allowed by physician

Self management per patient

Management of appointment by professional; access to historical records, files, medical history, etc.

Send email confirmation / cancellation of appointment to patients

Appointment reminder N hours before to send a messahe via email and SMS (configurable)

Reminder report of appointment N hours before attending the professional (configurable)

Medical insurance (social work)


Health Insurance Registration

Coverage Plans

Medical Practices carried out and declared

Massive Medical Practices Registration

Report valuated of practices carried out by period

Report of non valuated practices carried out by period

Automatic invoice generation

Presentation of electronic documentation according to social work

Report of account detail

Account status

Accrued, Presented, Charged, Billed, To be Presented

Collection Registration

Charging charges

Automatic balance update.

Values ​​Received

Default and custom nomenclators

Appointment and medical practice statistics

Automatic invoice correction

Invoice ticket

Invoice details

Preliminary invoice

Automatic calculation of VAT rates

Missing data alerts previus to submission

Massive correction process for lack of information

Billing assistant

Credit / debit notes attributable to practices.

Billing Master

Electronic billing export for each Insurance / social work

Historical, current billing reports.

Daily and historical balance reports.

Electronic billing

Check electronic receipt - OnLine



Pre Billing Process

Correction on massive and individual practices on the fly

Checkpoints during the pre billing process

Billing assistant for medical insurance

Credit / debit notes attributable to medical practices

Billing on account and order of professionals, patients and medical insurance

Billing Master

Automatic invoice generation

Electronic Billing by point of sale

Check electronic receipt - OnLine

Billing process to customers

Balances cancellation (partial/total)

Automatic balance update.

Billing prints

Billing detail

Automatic calculation of VAT rates

Massive correction process

Historical and current billing reports.

Daily and historical balance reports.

Hospitalization / Emergency


Hospitalization Services

Room Registration

Bed Registration

Room states

Bed status (occupied, reserved, under repair, etc.)

Movement of patients to any others hospitals sectors

Snapshot view real-time hospital status

Projection and evolution of patients admitted to the hospita

Hospitalization order

Detail Report of Hospitalization orders

Partial / total closure of the admission order

Automation of fixed daily costs according to medical insurance and hospitalization sector

Hospitalization Matrix

Tree bed consultation

Events by beds

Events by rooms

Registration of sepsis and / or hospital infections

Imputation of internship orders

Discharging patients


Automatic account update of hospitalization days per service

Imputation of medications to hospitalization order

Operating room management

Operating room appointments, reservations, cancellations, etc

Surgical sheet

Location and relocation of boarding patients

Room Categories

Hospitalization Planning

Planning of prescriptions and medical supplies

Medication and consumables update

Registration of daily evolutions according to medical and / or nursing sector

Triage splitted by phases

Automatic ordering of guard according to urgency or emergency

Triage update according to data collection progress

Post-decision actions according to triage (admission if required, referral, etc.)

Printing and tracking events on guard

Nursing, medication supply and monitoring

Nursing, action sheet and water balance sheet

Control panel



Book Issue VAT Sales and Purchases/p>

Export sales / purchases earnings

Annual Balance

Accounting records automatics/manuals

Accounting Plan

General ledger

Cash balances

Accounting adjustments

Account balances

Definición de tipo de movimientos

Accounting movements records

Treasury management

Banks accounts

Banking movements

Registration and monitoring of own checks, third parties, custody, wallet, rejected

Software - Configuración


Users ACL

Rols, Privileges

Automatics backups. Task automatization


Emails mass sender

Automation of daily tasks

Process definition by subsystems

User Restrictions

Assignment of permissions by user and by role

Encrypted Passwords

Definition of permissions, processes, windows, buttons

Parameterization of company data

Definition of business rules

Company Branches

VAT rates

VAT treatment rules, taxpayer combinations

SMTP Server

Hardware monitoring

Messaging System - Internal Chat

Automatic sending of e-mail to patients and professionals as reminders



Integrity and consistency check

DBMS MSSql Server, Sybase, Oracle live transaction monitor



Registration of payment orders

Payment allocation

Payment Values

Authorization Matrix

Account summary

Debits/Credits applied over concepts such as office rental, due to social work, etc.

Special prices per doctor, coverage plan and practices

Automatic Payment Order Generation.

Report of inquiries made by periods.

Activation of attention by professional on web appointment

Invoices paid / not paid

Professional checking account

Summary of accounts payable debt

Global withholdings, by professional, by practices, by combination of the above

American expense system. Distribution of fixed and variable costs by offices and coefficients according to specialty)

Accounts Receivable

landamed ctas ctes

Collection Registration

Charging charges

Automatic balance update

Values ​​Received

Checking current account

Debt summary

Debt Ranking

Online Appointments

landamed turnos online

Self-management for patients and health professionals

Appointments Registration

Appointments Cancellation

Search by specialty / professional

Control panel (password management, email, data)

Friend and family group

Query date ranges

Agenda consultation by professionals

Visualization of patients with clinical history data

Sending email reminders to patients N hours before the appointment

Sending email summary of patients daily N hours before the appointment

Messaging panel between user systems (administrative, management, professionals, etc)

Appointment Caller and ticket dispenser

landamed caller

Ticket dispenser, self-service module which the user can choose between the buttons on the screen, a group of services to be served

Appointment Caller, It is a platform that allows you to manage, order and optimize the customer service process in person

Registration of services to be channeled through arrival order ticket

Registration of service positions and association with services

Call from a secretary's work place to a patient, to a specific position associated with a service.

The professional calls to the patient to the care office, informing through a monitor in the waiting room

Configure and customize the dispenser and the apointment caller

Business intelligence

landamed business intelligence

Distribution of population range by age according to WHO

Frequency distribution of occupations / professions

Frequency of appointments per day

Frequency of appointments by specialty

Frequency of appointments by professional

Distribution of appointments by user who registers

Frequency of attendance at appointments (present, absent)

Frequency of deleted appointments

Frequency of cancelled appointments

Distribution charts for medical insurance appointments

Daily census hospitalization (in/out)

Summary of daily outpatient practices, guard hospitalization, etc.

Ranking of practices by absolute and relative frequency

Ranking of practices by total amount

Ranking of daily benefits

System usability record by user

Number of accesses, access dates, connection time expressed in minutes, seconds, hours, days

Total benefit valuation per day and time period

Access to panel via intranet/internet